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120cm X 120cm


Re:act is a comment on the speed of change and sustainability in this age of over-consumption and coveted excesses. Incorporating sculptural techniques into the language of a 2-dimensional painting, pieces of scrap metal and wood are crushed, bended and cut to create a sense of movement in stillness. The manipulation of overlapping lines, shapes and forms is a metaphor for the constancy of changes in our lives, and the rapidity that our consumerist society demands of matter around us.

In this work, these used and discarded materials are given a second lease of life and re-contextualized. The changes that the materials have undergone is a key element here, as it signals an attempt to exert some form of control over the chaos in the environment, to give it order and to frame it within a coherent context.

In essence, Re:act questions rather than documents, the changes around, and calls for a more critical approach to our actions and consumption.




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