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Variable Dimensions


Where every movement in history has always sought to push boundaries and break barriers between different factions, Link-age seeks to challenge this pushing of boundaries. A cast concrete slab, of brick width, and human height is placed in the centre of an irregularly shaped gallery. On one wall, a series of lights, same width, and height of the concrete slab casts a glow on it, and projects its shadow across to the opposite wall. In front, an image of a trench, of the same size is projected. Each element – lightbulbs, trench, and shadow are measured from the epicentre of the brick wall, much like how societal structures are constructed in a guiding light. When seen topographically, the paths of all elements criss-cross, reflecting the interweaving web of structures in society. When the brick wall is finally taken down, it forms an awkward presence in the middle of the room. Similarly, this reconfiguring of boundaries, this pushing, and breaking of boundaries and structures creates a presence of unfamiliarity and therefore tension. 

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