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I Was Here


Esplanade #1


Reinforced Concrete Cast

Variable Dimensions


The cement sculpture I WAS HERE was conceptualized as a travelling piece and it has received huge popularity and appeal, making its rounds in a number of key institutions in Singapore since late 2004. The resonance of this work lies in part in the linguistic anomaly that questions one’s presence in time and spaces. The identity (I), temporal (WAS) and spatial (HERE) markers in this work complicate the ease with which we accept who we are and what it means to be present. This works also teases at the narcissistic impulses of many who seek to leave their footprints behind or to take away a piece of the space they once inhabit. There is a long-term agenda planned for I WAS HERE, and the artwork will continue on its journey and occupy a moment in time in order to create a platform for self-exploration and dialogue both in Singapore and elsewhere.

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