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“Every space, owns a presence, now or once in the past...”

- Francis Ng

Spaces inspire me: built spaces, in-between spaces, spaces that once have been, spaces that will become. Spaces that transcends the physical; the line between real and virtual spaces and history and presence of spaces.


In my multi-disciplinary practices and discourses, I use installation, photography, painting, drawing, video and mixed media works as expressive spaces for my creative explorations. These media allow me to respond to contemporary issues that resonate with me. In my works, I strive to stretch the potential afforded by these multi-disciplinary methodologies and approaches to engage in intellectual dialogues with my audience and they represent the range of sublimity and skills I have acquired through my art practice.


The works also illustrate my explorations in composition, image making through technology and the sensitivity towards how objects relate in space and the environment I hope to capture. I try to distill notions of ambivalence in urban living and the qualitative experiences that are present in our struggle to visualize and live in contemporary society and to lead contemporary lives. In my creative pursuits, I hope to challenge perceptions, give a voice to silenced spaces and invite my audience to respond to a myriad of spatial and identity concepts that resonate in a rapidly changing urban environment.

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