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Delocating Margins



Delocating Margins

Mixed Medium Site Specific Installation

The history of “presence” in space often seems to go unnoticed in the constantly changing system of modern times, especially in the context of Singapore’s city planning. As a site-specific installation, Delocating margins appropriated the use of an unconventional location, a vacant shop house (No.8 Loke Yew Street, Singapore), as opposed to a gallery or art institution as the center to challenge, highlight and emphasize the importance of art making as a process in relation to changes in modern society. In this way, it is hoped that this work will allow for new ways of seeing and/or understanding of artwork as the notion of how an artwork can be “framed” by artists, viewers, and even the institutions. In short, the aspiration of this work is to open up the boundaries of art processes so as to examine closely and also to understand the in-betweeness of spaces, the non-places, the transitional aspect of the once-existing and once-present.

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